Covid Learning


CovidLearning project proposes the use of a plataforma that combines technological solutions that not only enable the identification and remote access to the latest scientific evidence regarding SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, but also it's mapping it and synthesis. It also provides with training and informative materials, in order to improve the amount and quality of information available to health professionals, researchers, patients and public in general.


With this project we want to reach Portuguese-English speaking communities to empower them in the battle against COVID-19 by providing:

1) a platform that provide democratic access to curated scientific literature and training contents, as well as guidelines on clinical management of COVID-19;

2) to incorporate machine-learning based intelligent interaction tools that supports the dynamization of communities of practice.

Covid Learning


Co-financed by:

Project No. 65157 (NORTE-01-02B7- FEDER-065157) - CovidLearning - is funded by NORTE 2020, through the European Structural and Investment Funds, under SI I&D Empresas - COVID-19.


Covid Learning